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EMSCAN is the World Leading Developer of

Fast magnetic near-field measurements tools

EMxpert is a real-time EMC and EMI testing tool enabling designers to rapidly diagnose and solve electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic problems in a single design cycle from the convenience of their own lab environment without the need for an anechoic chamber.


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    High Resolution EMC/EMI Scanner with Embedded Spectrum Analyzer.

    High Resolution EMC/EMI Scanner with Embedded Spectrum Analyzer.

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    EMC/EMI Scanner with Embedded Spectrum Analyzer

    EMC/EMI Scanner with Embedded Spectrum Analyzer

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    EMC/EMI Scanner

    EMC/EMI Scanner

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    What is EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)?

    EMC means that a device does not emit intended or unintended electromagnetic radiation that cause electromagnetic interference within itself or other devices in its working environment

    What causes EMC Problems?

    Every basic EMC problem has three components: a source that generates emissions whether intentional or unintentional, a coupling path that the source travels through and a receiver that fails to operate properly due to emissions.

    How to Solve EMC Problems?

    When designing or evaluating PCBs (printed circuit board), PCB Designers and Engineers employ a list of EMC design rules yet most of the time, they still fail first EMC test in an anechoic chamber.

    Electromagnetic compatibility problems can generally be solved by addressing at least two of the above-mentioned components and attenuating one of them: reduce emission at its source or minimize the effectiveness of coupling path or reduce the susceptibility of the receptor to emission.

    Key to the Success in EMC Compliance Tests

    Time-to-market and project costs are two key factors that affect PCB Designers’ and Engineers’ success to develop an EMC compliant product. During any new product development process, they must find, characterize, and address unintended radiators or RF leakage to pass a compliance test.

    The key to the success in EMC compliance test is to have immediate access to EMC data early in the design stage and see the impacts of PCB layout changes in real-time.

    EMxpert: Real-time EMC and EMI Diagnostic Tool

    EMxpert allows engineers to visualize the root causes of potential EMC and EMI problems. It identifies spurious signals, captures and displays near-field emissions generated by current flows on the board’s surface in seconds. It allows the design team to observe the path and mechanism leading to the creation of emissions. It also provides a detailed map of emission sources and current loops in real-time.

    PCB Designers and Engineers can select and characterize specific frequencies to observe how the noise evolves spatially across the frequency range. This allows the design team to map the noise, confirm its source, and implement appropriate mitigation. Following a design modification, spectral and spatial scans will display the reductions in the level of unintentional radiations in the design in real-time.

    How Does It Work?

    EMxpert consists of a patented scanner and compact adaptor, and a customer-supplied spectrum analyzer and a PC running EMxpert software. The bench top scanner is composed of 1,218 H-field (magnetic) probes spaced every 7.5 mm into an electronically switched array, which provides an effective 3.75 mm resolution. The system operates from 150 kHz to 8 GHz, enabled with optional software keys.

    Most of the major smart phone manufacturers, military subcontractors, antenna manufacturers, consumer electronics manufacturers and universities have added EMxpert to their test facilities.

Find the chamber on your desktop that best fits your needs.

Why EMxpert Is Right For You

You can execute real-time analysis of your design, test multiple design iterations and optimize complex designs on your lab-bench in seconds at each stage of the design process.

You want to avoid the delays and set-up needed for far-field measurements in a chamber.

EMxpert not only require low CAPEX and zero OPEX, they also deliver significant ROI advantages.

Key Benefits

Test results in seconds
Easy to use
Compact and tabletop
Significant time-to-market acceleration
Dramatic increase in production
Substantial cost reduction

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Are you under time-to-market pressure because of the countless number of lengthy measurements in inaccessible anechoic chambers?

Tired of losing valuable project time waiting in line to test your designs in expensive anechoic chambers?

Do you want to test your design and performance quickly to accelerate project completion and delivery?

Are you under budget pressures?

Why did your product fail the compliance test in an anechoic chamber? Why didn’t you see this coming?

With EMxpert, in seconds and a fraction of an anechoic chamber cost you can easily:

  • Analyze your high speed, high power and/or high density/complexity PCB designs.
  • Visualize the root causes of potential EMC and EMI problems.
  • Find, characterize, and address unintended radiators or RF leakage.
  • Pinpoint the cause of a design failure even when the problem is intermittent.
  • Prototype, test, and optimize new designs, forms and components.
  • Test & optimize multiple PCB (printed circuit board) design iterations on your lab-bench.
  • Resolve EMC and EMI problems early in the design cycle
  • Display NFC antenna emissions

…all for a fraction of the cost of an anechoic chamber.

Companies Who Trust EMxpert Products
What Our Customers Are Saying
“I’m an electronics technician with 30 plus years in the automotive electronics field. We could not afford to spend a lot of time and money at the end of the development cycle trying to fix EMC failures, especially at the expensive certified EMC labs that we used for final compliance testing. Our in house EMC lab was used for pre-compliance testing, we were not certified. For susceptibility testing we did: strip line, TEM cell, tri-plate and bulk current injection. This is where EMxpert comes in. When you’re doing susceptibility testing and there is an anomaly, it may not be apparent as to what part of the circuit is malfunctioning. For EMC, it is all about the up-front work that is done. Board layout and pre-compliance testing are very important. The farther into the design cycle you are, the more it will cost you to resolve it. If I had to describe EMxpert in one word it would be “up-front”. It’s like your headlights in the dark.”
Tom Livingston
“I was very impressed with the capability of the EMxpert solution. We had spent several weeks investigating EMC issues related to our end customers product. We had information relating to the spectral component and amplitudes that were causing an issue, but needed to identify the location of the emission site. The EMxpert tool allowed us to perform spatial analysis and locate the site in a single day. The tool is effective and can save weeks of time and effort!”
Iain Lochhead
Semtech Director of Applications Support
“Where have you guys been for the last 5 years while we have struggled?” was the concluding comment from Robert… “We need one of these” was Robert’s conclusion.”
Robert Dmitroca
Senior Design Engineer - EMI
“I was very impressed with the capability of the EMxpert. The EMxpert tool allowed us to perform spatial analysis and locate the site in a single day. The tool is effective and can save weeks of time and effort!”
Director of Applications Support
Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer

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