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Refer to the list of supported spectrum analyzers. If your spectrum analyzer is not listed and configured with the following options: gated sweep, pre-amplifier, LAN or USB Port, external trigger port with BNC Connector and VISA support, contact us. You may already have a spectrum analyzer however you may not have access to it frequently.

Consider the size of the PCB that you are designing, how dense it’s populated and the size of the components user on your PCB.

Do you want to automate your testing to automatically set, start and stop scans and retrieve data for further processing? This option is not valid for the EHX model.

Radiating element may be connected to a bigger ground plane. Consider the size of the radiating element only.

You need this option if you plan to test circularly polarized, GPS antenneas.

You need this option if you plan to do pre-compliance OTA (Over the air) performance test.

Find the chamber on your desktop that best fits your needs.

Step 1:
What is the maximum size of the antenna / Wireless device that you want to test? 

Step 2:
Do you plan to test CP (circularly polarized) antenna? 

Step 3:
Do you plan to add Phantom Head+Hand Kit add as an option now or in the future? 

Based on your selections, we recommend:

Test smartphone-sized antennas/devices in seconds.

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Test laptop/tablet-sized antennas/devices in seconds and antennas up to 2.3 m (91”) in minutes.

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