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EMSCAN Products

We provide real-time low-cost desktop chambers that are efficient and cost-effective, eliminate the need for an anechoic chamber for pre-compliance and performance tests and offer accelerated time-to-market.

EMSCAN solutions are 1/10th of a chamber’s cost and operate 100 times faster.

Find the chamber on your desktop that best fits your needs.
Companies Who Trust EMSCAN Products
What Our Customers Are Saying
“The addition of the RFX2 system to our RF design and test capabilities has enabled us to deliver better antenna and RF designs to our clients, and ultimately to our clients’ users.”
Charles Manry, Senior RF Engineer, PhD
Synapse Product Development
“I’m an electronics technician with 30 plus years in the automotive electronics field. We could not afford to spend a lot of time and money at the end of the development cycle trying to fix EMC failures, especially at the expensive certified EMC labs that we used for final compliance testing. Our in house EMC lab was used for pre-compliance testing, we were not certified. For susceptibility testing we did: strip line, TEM cell, tri-plate and bulk current injection. This is where EMxpert comes in. When you’re doing susceptibility testing and there is an anomaly, it may not be apparent as to what part of the circuit is malfunctioning. For EMC, it is all about the up-front work that is done. Board layout and pre-compliance testing are very important. The farther into the design cycle you are, the more it will cost you to resolve it. If I had to describe EMxpert in one word it would be “up-front”. It’s like your headlights in the dark.”
Tom Livingston
“I prefer to use the RFxpert for my antenna design projects instead of simulation software. In a couple of hours, I can model a real antenna out of copper and test it with the RFxpert in the antenna’s intended operating environment. I then use the proven design, based on the RFxpert analysis, to prepare a CAD drawing and send it off to manufacturing for prototyping.”
Jorge I. Ortiz
RF Network & Antenna Engineer, Independent Consultant at Mueller Systems Ocala, Florida Area
“I was very impressed with the capability of the EMxpert solution. We had spent several weeks investigating EMC issues related to our end customers product. We had information relating to the spectral component and amplitudes that were causing an issue, but needed to identify the location of the emission site. The EMxpert tool allowed us to perform spatial analysis and locate the site in a single day. The tool is effective and can save weeks of time and effort!”
Iain Lochhead
Semtech Director of Applications Support
“We're impressed with the accuracy of the RFX scanner compared to our external lab measurements for TRP.”
Jeremy Monroe
MoJoose Inc
“Where have you guys been for the last 5 years while we have struggled?” was the concluding comment from Robert… “We need one of these” was Robert’s conclusion.”
Robert Dmitroca
Senior Design Engineer - EMI
“We wanted to extend the distance between the hand-held transmitter and the aerial device. Initially we thought that we had to add an additional power amplifier stage. The RFxpert showed us that the real problem was something else: the coax was radiating as much as the antenna. By using better coax and a different coupling method from the final power amplifier stage to the antenna, we were able to transfer more power to the antenna. We managed this significant increase by almost zero cost to the design.”
Director of Engineering
Consumer Electronics Manufacturer
“I was very impressed with the capability of the EMxpert. The EMxpert tool allowed us to perform spatial analysis and locate the site in a single day. The tool is effective and can save weeks of time and effort!”
Director of Applications Support
Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer
“Designers now evaluate designs in real-time vs. waiting at the back of the queue with $100M+ projects in front”
RF Design Engineer
Leading Military Subcontractor
“We were able to go from CISPR 25 Class 2 to Class 5 in just a few weeks, instead of months.”
Senior Design Engineer
Leading Renewable Energy Manufacturer

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