Arturo Mediano | University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain – July 5, 2017

University of Zaragoza uses RFxpert RFX for teaching and R&D.

RFxpert is a great tool for electronic designers involved in the design of products with wireless functions: RFID, IoT, BLUETOOTH, WiFi, etc. For the success of those products, the antennas must be designed and tuned with care and precision.

Of course, as you can read in the general description of the product, you will be able to measure  the radiation pattern of your designs but from my point of view one of the most impressive effects with RFxpert is the possibility to see in real-time how nearby objects and components change the behavior of the antenna. Metal, plastic covers, cables, chassis, etc. close to the antenna can destroy the effectiveness of your antenna.

With RFxpert you can evaluate that degradation or find the optimum configuration for your desired performance needs.

Additionally, you can compare alternatives in the layout of your system or in materials from different vendors (i.e. plastic covers for the antenna or dielectric properties of the substrate of your PCB).

I love my RFxpert unit!


Arturo Mediano received his M.Sc. (1990) and his Ph. D. (1997) in Electrical Engineering from University of Zaragoza (Spain). He has a solid experience in EMI/EMC, SI/PI, and RF for industry, communications, scientific, and medical applications with companies in Europe, USA, and Singapore. He offers periodically public and on site courses through Europe and the USA, especially in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area. He is Senior Member of the IEEE, member of the MTT-17 (HF/VHF/UHF) Technical Committee of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society and member of the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society.

Arturo can be reached at

EMSCAN is the world leading developer of FAST magnetic very-near-field measurement technologies and applications since 1989, providing real-time test solutions to antenna and PCB designers and verification engineers, without the need for a chamber.

The EMxpert, a family of compact EMC and EMI diagnostic tools, and the RFxpert, a family of antenna measurement tools, enable engineers to quickly optimize their designs. EMSCAN solutions dramatically increase designer productivity and substantially reduce time-to-market and project development costs.