Calgary, AB, Canada – February 01, 2015: Prof. Arturo Mediano will be presenting “NEAR-FIELD SCANNER DEMONSTRATIONS FOR RF/MW ENGINEERS,” at one of the Microwave Application Seminars (MicroApps Program)  during the IEEE MTT-S 2015 in Phoenix, AZ. on behalf of EMSCAN.
Join us on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 from 11:05 to 11:20 AM.

About Prof. Arturo Mediano
Arturo Mediano is member of the Group of Power Electronics and Microelectronics (GEPM) of the Aragon Institute for Engineering Research (I3A), a research institute of the University of Zaragoza in Spain working in the generation of knowledge and technology related to engineering and its transmission to the Society by means of technology transfer and education.
Arturo is professor and specialist in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and RF (HF/VHF/UHF). He is Instructor of Besser Associates, offering periodically public and on site courses in EMI/EMC, Signal Integrity (SI) and RF subjects through the USA (especially in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area) and Europe.

EMSCAN is the world leading developer of FAST magnetic very-near-field measurement technologies and applications since 1989, providing real-time test solutions to antenna and PCB designers and verification engineers, without the need for a chamber.
The EMxpert, a family of compact EMC and EMI diagnostic tools, and the RFxpert, a family of antenna measurement tools, enable engineers to quickly optimize their designs. EMSCAN solutions dramatically increase designer productivity and substantially reduce time-to-market and project development costs.