Antibes, France – October 11, 2014: EMSCAN will showcase the world's largest real-time antenna pattern measurement system: RFX2 and how to test large directional antennas with RFX2 in minutes at IEEE CAMA 2014. Multi Co-planar Scan which is available only with the RFX2 enables power and pattern measurements at a single frequency or a series of frequencies for antennas with maximum dimensions of 1.12 m x 2.32 m (3.67' x 7.61').
EMSCAN will also exhibit the world’s fastest high-resolution EMC scanner ERX+. ERX+ enables the PCB and design engineers to diagnose EMC/EMI problems between 150 kHz and 8 GHz with seven different levels of resolution (120 microns – 7.5 mm).
Visit us at IEEE CAMA booth #1 between November 17-19.

EMSCAN is the world leading developer of FAST magnetic very-near-field measurement technologies and applications since 1989, providing real-time test solutions to antenna and PCB designers and verification engineers, without the need for a chamber.
The EMxpert, a family of compact EMC and EMI diagnostic tools, and the RFxpert, a family of antenna measurement tools, enable engineers to quickly optimize their designs. EMSCAN solutions dramatically increase designer productivity and substantially reduce time-to-market and project development costs.