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Oct 201215

EMSCAN exhibited at CENAM 2012 in Querataro, Mexico

Querataro, Mexico - October 10-12, 2012: EMSCAN exhibited Far-Field Application for EMxpert: “The world’s fastest pre-compliance verification of PCB’s” along with RFxpert "The world's fastest antenna pattern measurement system" in Querataro, Mexico. Read More

Aug 201221

RFxpert Release 3.4 expands the range of antennas / wireless devices that can be tested in real-time

Calgary, Canada - August 21, 2012: RFxpert 3.4 software release due on September 7 is another step in expanding the range of antennas and wireless devices that can be tested in real-time by RFX and RFX2. Advanced Mode set-up can support infrequent pulse data with a maximum time between pulses of 60 seconds. Products like Wi-Fi base stations and smart meters are representative products benefiting from both features. Read More

Aug 201213

‘A Day with The Expert’ Seminars Soon in Milwaukee and Chicago

Milwaukee and Chicago - September 05-06, 2012: EIA will host 'A Day with The Expert Seminars' in Milwaukee on September 5th and in Chicago on September 6th. The seminars are about very-near-field techniques to make far-field measurements and to solve far-field problems in less than a second. There is no cost to attendees for the event and your registration will include lunch if you register both sessions. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Read More

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