Optimize design layout and potential mutual coupling between smart antennas in real-time

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However important, testing the true radiated power level of wireless devices in a production line environment has never been technically or economically feasible. Even in small or sample lot quantities, the challenge has always been the excessive time required for rigorous testing and product verification.

With RFxpert, the time required for product verification is reasonable and the integration into existing production environments is simple. RFxpert can be integrated into virtually any automated test bed and production line by using DLL programming. RFxpert is ideal for sample lot testing and product verification for wireless service providers or for manufacturing support. Wireless service providers can use the system to verify the phone performance of their suppliers in record time. Also, the comparison feature of RFxpert facilitates contrast of production lot test results against a golden sample to make immediate pass/fail decisions and improve overall factory operating metrics. The size of the system and the fact that it does not require stringent shielding makes RFxpert an excellent tool for "future proofing" production lines.