EMC compliance at first pass!

Tired of repeatedly failing EMC Compliance tests?

You want to pass the EMC Compliance test at your first or second visit to the anechoic chamber. After each EMC test failure, you need to go back to your lab, disassemble your system and run board-level diagnostics to pinpoint the problems. Each trip to the EMC Compliance test house will add to the pressure because it will postpone your product's time-to-market, inflate your project costs and decrease the productivity of your team.

Would you rather not run EMC tests early in the design cycle to debug EMC design problems?

Having immediate access to the cause of the design failure earlier in the design cycle is crucial to your success. You can now tackle the root causes of potential electromagnetic compatibility issues like RF leakages, unintentional radiation or unwanted emissions with EMxpert in seconds. 

EMxpert provides unique pre- and post-EMC Compliance testing that images emissions. EMC testing with EMxpert is lightning fast, reliable and repeatable.

EMxpert delivers insights about why designs fail, something no other conventional EMC test methods like anechoic chambers can give you. You can now iterate designs by trial and error at the comfort of your lab-bench. You especially can quickly diagnose intermittent problems which may otherwise go undetected when using handheld or automated single probes.

EMxpert is the perfect test system that provides unique, fast and cost effective insights to complex electromagnetic compatibility problems. EMxpert system addresses emission, immunity, current distributions, filtering, EMI shielding, broadband noise e.g. Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) and common mode testing in mere seconds.

How does EMC testing with EMxpert help to pass EMC Compliance test? Is there a correlation between very-near-field and far-field?

Vey-near-field EMC test is quite useful but your goal is to pass the EMC compliance test. How can you directly use EMxpert test results to tell whether your device will be successful or not?

Everything that's happening in the far-field is originating at that very-near-field level. So in the very-near-field, there's certainly enough information to make predictions about what's going to happen in the far-field.

EMxpert Far-Field option predicts the Open Area Test Site (OATS) or Semi Anechoic Chamber (SAC) radiated EMI levels of a printed circuit board (PCB). The application supports regulatory compliance limits Class A or Class B FCC, CISPR and Industry Canada, 10m, 3m and 1m test distances. Far-Field Application predicts electrical far-field levels from existing EMxpert very-near-field magnetic measurements in seconds once the user selects among the available far-field models which closely matches the physical design of their PCB. Below is a screen shot of the estimated FCC 15 Class A and CSPR 22 Class B test result of a PCB.