Improve product reliability by identifying the source(s) and path(s) of any high currents generated during a conducted immunity test

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In practice, every electronic device is exposed to electromagnetic field influences. These influences can affect the performance of the device if the device doesn't have acceptable immunity to or shielding from EMI. Actually, interference signals in a frequency range up to several hundred MHz are mostly coupled from connecting conductors. Therefore, the interference immunity of I/O blocks is very important. Proper filters are often costly in terms of budget and PCB real-estate. Thus, it is very important to find solutions which optimize circuits and component usage. 

When mitigating immunity and susceptibility problems, EMxpert shows visually how injected RF signals flow through a PCB, and helps you relate these high amplitude currents to sensitive structures. It also provides you with an archive of current flow across a wide frequency span for further analysis. The design engineers can then implement one or more mitigation measures and conduct "before" and "after" scans. These scans quantify the effectiveness of each mitigation tactic, facilitating easy comparison.

A fundamental advantage of EMxpert compared to conventional (trial and error) methods is that unwanted close coupling can be quickly located on the PCB or transmission paths. It will allow you to improve immunity of susceptible components in the early design stage and help you to significantly reduce costly board spins, which could otherwise delay market introduction.