Determine the effectiveness of a filter in real-time prior to EMC compliance test

NEW! Check out our video "How to measure effectiveness of a filter early in the design cycle before the anechoic chamber test". Click here for the video.

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EMC performance can be improved by modifying the PCB layout, components, re-routing PCB tracks and etc. Identifying the potential areas for malfunction and correcting them at the design stage will significantly reduce the cost and time of modification at the post-testing stage or later.

PCB designers use filtering component to avoid unpleasant problems late in a product design cycle. EMI filtering is another way to minimize susceptibility to radiated spurious signals in noise sensitive circuits.

EMxpert shows the effectiveness of filtering in real-time, by immediately mapping near-field emissions from current flow on the surface of your board. It also allows you to compare different versions by using Spatial Comparison in seconds.