Determine how different design modifications affect the total EMI emission in seconds

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EMC Compliance Testing

EMC regulatory testing is required to confirm that a particular device meets the required standards. However, EM performance can't be limited to the context of gaining regulatory approval to market electronic products. It is an integral part of the product quality that needs to be designed into the product scrupulously.
Having immediate access to EM data at an early design / product development stage will minimize the possibility of unexpected EMC compliance test results.

How Does EMxpert Prepare You for EMC Compliance Testing?

EMxpert can quickly find EMI emission sources from internal circuit boards, interconnecting cables or connectors and help reduce the level of undesirable emissions emanating from your design and eliminate multiple anechoic chamber tests that delay the design process.

EMxpert provides PCB Engineers and Designers a visual impression of the surface current flows and electromagnetic behavior of the board. It allows them to evaluate and remedy electromagnetic performance problems early in the design cycle which in return minimizes the use of expensive and time consuming EMC laboratory facilities. EMxpert also helps to reduce electromagnetic performance failure rates in the prototype product, with corresponding reductions in anechoic chamber testing.

When testing for EMI emissions, the spatial scan provides a detailed map of emission sources and current loops in real-time, whether testing for a single frequency, or multiple frequencies using a composite spatial display. You can then determine how different design modifications affect the total EMI emission in seconds. EMxpert also enables you to diagnose the emission sources and to compare the results of different design modifications graphically.

Unlike anechoic chamber testing, which assess the consequences of design, EMxpert provides a visual representation of electromagnetic dynamics of a PCB design. It visualizes the impacts of track routing, component positioning and ground plane placement on electromagnetic performance. It also shows the exact location of these impacts on the PCB at each frequency. Unlike hand-held probes, the results are consistent and repeatable; unlike systems which mechanically position individual probes, EMxpert provides emission maps (not only the hot spots but also current loops and intermittent events / time-based activities) in real-time.

How can EMxpert help design NFC antenna?

Considering the size, frequency and distance, antenna radiation pattern is not a meaningful parameter for NFC designers. Amplitude and distribution of the signal are important. The EMxpert is a fast and effective tool that measure and displays the emissions from an NFC antenna using very-near-field technology. The peak hold mode of the EMxpert can still create a full image of the antenna’s emission in seconds even with a bursty NFC signal.

These results would allow a designer or a tester to verify that the antenna is operating as expected and to validate the antenna’s emission level versus calculated results.

EMxpert provides a fast and reliable NFC antenna testing to validate field strength of an NFC antenna at a given distance.