Display the common mode current on prototypes prior to EMC compliance testing

Test electromagnetic radiation and interference with precision in real-time

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Common mode currents are one of the primary causes of EMI emissions. They can exist in locations where they were never intended. The common mode current typically couples onto a nearby I/O cable, or connectors and can then cause emissions.

There are many diverse causes of common mode currents and they are often hard to predict. However, since we know that cables are a major source of radiation, it would therefore be extremely useful to be able to measure the common mode current on prototype models prior to EMC compliance testing.

The EMxpert allows design team to observe the path and mechanism leading to the creation of common mode currents. If these common mode currents couple onto one or more nearby I/O cables or connectors, it can cause compliance failure by effectively radiating into far-field EMI emissions. By identifying the coupling at its source in real-time, the engineer can implement mitigation measures. Retesting can confirm the efficacy of the mitigation.