Antenna Pattern Measurement in Less Than a Second.

RFxpert is the only real-time, compact, bench-top antenna measurement device.

Tired of losing valuable project time waiting in line to test your designs in expensive anechoic chambers?

Most leading smart phone manufacturers, military contractors and consumer electronics manufacturers are already using RFxpert to measure their antennas quickly and cost effectively.

RFxpert is the only low-cost, bench-top solution for providing real time analysis and optimization of your antennae designs.

With RFxpert, in less than one second you can easily:

Analyze your embedded antenna designs.

Prototype & test new designs, components and forms.

Test & optimize several iterative embedded antenna designs.

Review effects of different packaging materials & layout changes.

Verify final product performance in real-time

…all for a fraction of the cost of an anechoic chamber.

How does it work?

RFxpert measures the magnetic field (H-Field) in two orthogonal directions using H-field probes and projects this data to the far-field using the planar aperture distribution to angular spectrum transformation or plane wave spectrum (PWS) transformation.

A second custom algorithm then adjusts the far-field projection to eliminate the predictable coupling effects of the measurement array of probes. Probe response compensation is also taken into consideration in this algorithm.

EMSCAN meticulously developed this custom algorithm through comprehensive and rigorous R&D efforts to get the most accurate test results.


How does the world's quickest and cheapest antenna pattern measurement system RFxpert work?

How accurate are the results compared to a CTIA anechoic chamber?

RFxpert measures the characteristics of an antenna in one second compared to hours (including the set-up time) in an anechoic chamber. RFxpert accuracy is +/- 1.5dB. Below are comparative test results:

Customers found very comparable results when they tested efficiency of antennas with CTIA anechoic chamber and RFxpert
Efficiency comparison in the range of 1700 – 2200 MHz done by a reputable cell phone manufacturer

Customers report that TRP measurements of an antenna with RFxpert is almost identical to a CTIA anechoic chamber
TRP comparison of a WCDMA device for Bands 5 & 6 done by another reputable cell phone manufacturer

Base station antenna testing with antenna pattern measurement system RFxpert is very comparable to a CTIA anechoic chamber
Base Station Antenna comparison at 1950 MHz done by a cell phone service provider


Since 1989, EMSCAN is the world’s leading developer of fast magnetic very-near-field measurement technologies and applications, providing real-time test solutions to antenna and PCB designers and verification engineers, without the need for a chamber.

The EMxpert, a compact EMC and EMI diagnostic tool, and the RFxpert, an antenna measurement tool, enable engineers to quickly optimize their designs. EMSCAN solutions dramatically increase designer productivity and substantially reduce time-to-market and project development costs.


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RFxpert Customers
Customers that use antenna pattern measurement system RFxpert. Customers use RFxpert to design smart phone antennas, custom antennas, military antennas, RFiD tags, smart meter antennas, tablets, GPS antennas.

Customer testimonials for the world's cheapest antenna pattern measurement system RFxpert

Jorge I. Ortiz
RF Network & Antenna Engineer,
Mueller Systems

Reduce antenna pattern measurement times by 50%

RF Design Engineer,
Leading Military Subcontractor

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Demos are facilitated by a dedicated application engineer, not a sales person.

or call 1-877-367-2261